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THE RANK ORDER LIST – Rotation Placement


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What comes up after filling applications and completing the interviews is the creation and certification of Rank Order List through the NRMP. This step is significant if you must participate in the official Match. Residency programs and candidates are involved in the creation of the Match order list to find the best match. The programs create a list of preferred candidates. If you had ranked a program and fortunately, your name appears within the vacant slots, then you are technically matched.

As an IMG, your credentials must be verified through ECFMG by the rank order deadline. This does not mean you must be ECFMG certified. Nevertheless, it is essential that you have your USMLE step 1, step 2 CK and Step 2 CS scores. Make sure you are familiar with the eligibility policies before you proceed with the process.
You can create two kinds of rank order lists on NRMP namely the primary and the supplemental rank order lists.

Primary rank order list ranks preliminary, categorical or advanced positions. Conversely, the use of supplemental rank order list is only applicable where you have ranked a superior position. An additional rank order list may be created for preliminary positions to complete the full training course.
These lists can be used to rank programs for which you have been interviewed. However, you can also rank programs for which you have not been interviewed, but your chances of getting a return-ranking are very slim.

You should note that an agreement is attached to every program on the list. If you have started a program on your list and got ranked, it is expected of you to enter the program unless you obtain a waiver from NRMP. Take time to browse through the NRMP waiver policies if you are not sure of what it is all about.
Creation of a rank order list may not be 100% perfect. However, you must be thorough in creating a list that gives you the best chances of matching into a residency program.