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Applicants who have registered and matched for residency can choose to coordinate their program choices within the same geographic location. There are some things you must note if you desire to be matched as a couple. It is of utmost importance to submit your application on time. Ensure that both candidates have a solid background, and perform well at the interviews. Couples who wish to pair their choices have a documented process that they must follow.

Getting to know the right partner
Candidates, who desire to pair as a couple, have the option of doing so on the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). Once you login to the system with your email and password, you will have an option on your dashboard allowing you to apply as a member of a couple. You can edit your relationship status at any time by clicking on the edit button in the section labeled "Couple's status." Then, you can enter your partner's applicant code number in the dialogue box that will appear. Your partner also has to verify in the NRMP that you are indeed his/her partner. If for any reason either partner withdraws his/her application, does not identify his/her partner, or refuses to submit any ranks for the match, then the Rank Order List will be labeled as individual and not as a couple.

Order Rank Lists
Once you've identified your partner and your partner has done the same, the couple will then have to enter a similar number of ranks in their individual rank order lists entered into the NRMP. The pairing of programs will be carried out based on the numbers of the programs that have been ranked. What this implies is that the program listed as the first choice on each partner's list becomes the couple's first choice. The same goes for the second choice program.
You can be paired with one or more of the programs selected by your partner, which can be separately ranked. You should also note that there is an option labeled as no match. This option allows you or your partner to create and rank a pair of choices initially ranked ONLY by the other partner. Because of the importance of this decision, intending couples are encouraged to prepare excel worksheets of their rank order list before submitting to the National Matching Services (NMS). This task can be performed by the Paired Choices generator Tool. It helps couples create a list of choices both matched and unmatched. You must be fluent in Microsoft Excel to use this tool effectively,

Order List Confirmation
Once you've successfully submitted the list of choices to the NMS Match System, you will be given an option to confirm the listed entries. Ideally, if you and your partner have correctly identified each other, the confirmation listing will show each partner's choices as entered into the NMS match system. You may print a copy to physically review your partner's preferences for the sake of accuracy. This will allow you to confirm the program pairs that will be used in the Match created based on the numbers of the programs ranked.