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Services | Rotation Placement

Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations include electives, clerkships, and externships.

Electives & Clerkships are for students who seek practical experience aiming at elective credit for their various institutions (subject to approval by the dean of your institution). Additionally, students who are aspiring to interact with patients, boosting their mastery of the English Language, preparing for an upcoming USMLE step 2 Clinical Skills exam, and those who seek recommendation letters in anticipation of applying to the residency match cycle are all suitable candidates.

Residency Consultation:

The residency consultation service offered by Rotation Placement acts as a guide for the match cycle.

After receiving the token, applying for the ERAS, registering for NRMP Rank Order List and verification of documents, Rotation Placement confirms everything is done with detail to ensure full preparation and familiarity. A consultant physician will be matched based on the preferences provided, proficiency in the English language, board scores, and analysis of CV.

International Rotations:

American and Caribbean Medical students have programs open to them and students are placed quickly for school credit.

  • Provision for placement in Indian hospitals (including Mumbai, Bangalore, Nanjing, and Hyderabad).
  • Overseas rotation for school credit 
  • Rotations for international electives are free and only available for qualified applicants. 

Interview counseling:

We build up confidence in applicants and prepare interviewees for examinations and interview sessions.

Our highly qualified interview team instills confidence and a positive mindset in the students and graduates.


Externships are for International Medical graduates who seek to meet the requirements of the United States Clinical Experience (USCE).

Some residency programs may require externships. With externships, foreign medical graduates can get to acclimatize themselves with the US healthcare system. These doctors may wish to get familiar with the medical billing and coding procedures, electronic medical records and insurance claims among others. Externships also serve as an excellent avenue for exposure to clinical patient care as some applicants have not been in touch with patients at all.

How our consultations make the difference

By discussing such difficulties, the student can receive valuable opinions that can help him/her overcome any adversity and can rise above all limitations. We are motivated and inspired to fulfill your dreams of becoming a licensed and skilled physician.

We spend no less than 10-20 hours on reviewing each application, Resume, CV, personal statements, undergraduate transcripts, medical research, abstracts, publications, articles and presentations among others.

Our team of medical professionals alongside coordinators will assist in reviewing the Resume/CV. Following the review, they then pass it on to consultant physicians who will then examine it and give feedback on what changes are to be made.

We enhance the students communication skills in general. We have a pioneer team of AMGs and IMGs that have taken pains to compile and gather specific lists of past questions. In most cases, these questions do repeat themselves.

Personalized Consultations Available

If your case exhibits any of these symptoms...

  • Failing in a basic science course
  • Having to repeat clinical skills examinations
  • Not fluent in English because it is not the first language
  • No USCE (United States Clinical Experience)
  • Financial instability and other factors that may create a gap in medical education.

We encourage you to take advantage of our consulting services:

By making use of multiple interpersonal strategies - we offer interviews (mock interviews). Receive access to socio-dynamic factors that bring out the best in you.

Get Exclusive Access

Our physicians are experienced and have weathered situations in the past such that they are now professionals in their respective fields. They are anxious to spread the wealth of information they have gathered to help groom future physicians.

The confidence of international medical students and graduates will boost through adequate training, practical and intensive guidance and consistent practice via professional networking services. The chances of succeeding at the interview will also increase because of adequate preparation for whatever questions may arise. It is our ambition to bring out the best in each and everyone so that the interview panel may remember the student or graduate for as long as possible.

Medical Research and Education

We remain committed to academic success.

In order to achieve this, our team of medical professionals and researchers engage in routine academic research and courses. To boost our human resources, we are seeking highly motivated and enterprising IMGs to contribute positively to our research projects. Engaging in scholarly activities raises the chances of landing a residency especially in the highly competitive US healthcare system. Chances increase immensely when any research publishes in international journals.

At Rotation placement, we help strengthen competitiveness in the residency battle by providing every individual with relevant research topics related to the desired area of specialty.

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