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About | Rotation Placement


At Rotation Placement, we provide opportunities for Clinical Experience in the United States, by enhancing the residency application.

Our Commitment

Assistance is rendered to IMGs and medical students to explore and understand the rigorous process of meeting the requirements for a residency program.

Your Success

We are aware of the difficulties candidates face when attempting to secure more than one clerkship at health facilities that interview for some positions. The program is flexible and is open to applicants currently engaged in their licensing examinations. We provide a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) at the end of the program.
The goal at Rotation placement is to provide a flexible clinical experience in the US that can give every Curriculum Vitae (CV)  a facelift and also make you comfortable with clinical documentation and the United States Healthcare System.
Aside from contributing to the residency application, Rotation placement also adds value to students who seek to enroll in electives at a hospital based in the US. It is of immense importance to IMGs who would like first-class exposure to the healthcare system of the US while rounding off their third and 4th-year electives. We are proud of placing medical students and graduates in their desired specialty, and we guide them through the entire journey to achieve their goal.